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How Hard is it to Make a Custom Tee?

Wondering how hard it is to make your own custom t-shirt?

At Automatic, Ink we can guide you in the process of making a boss custom print design, on a t-shirt, hoodie, for your next family reunion, or for the team at your office. Just follow the steps below!

T-Shirt Design Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  1. Determine the purpose of your design
  2. Do your research for inspiration
  3. Utilize available resources such as our online design tool, or hire  us to design your tee for you

Determining the purpose of your design is typically easy. Are your custom t-shirts or hoodies for a specific event, a team, family reunion…Or is it just a single print that you can’t find anywhere else? Or do you want to make a design a step better than those you’ve seen in the past.

Research for inspiration includes considering patterns, colors, typography, and stylized artwork. Read our blog (All About The Artwork) for more details on the importance of artwork and your custom tee. Also, consider the best style of shirt for you and the artwork you have selected. For more details on this read our blog (selecting the best style shirt)

There are plenty of online resources that can help you make the best shirt including free fonts, graphics, and themes. Flaticon, Creative Market or even doing a Google search can all provide great tools in making your custom tee.

**Pro Tip: When doing a Google search, make sure you filter by selecting >tools and choosing >creative commons licenses to avoid any copyright infringement issues.

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