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What you need to know before ordering custom t-shirts

Whether you’re a company trying to get the word out about your brand or a group trying to raise awareness for your cause, there are several bits of information your decorator is going to need to provide the most accurate quote.  To ensure you projects is super successful, having this information ready and available will help things go smoothly as possible

Here is a list of the top 6 things you should know before having custom t-shirts printed.

Are you looking for screen printing or embroidery?

With embroidery the design is stitched into the he thread directly onto the fabric. While screen printing is produced  by squeezing inks through mesh screens directly onto the garments followed by a drying process that cures or sets the print. 

What style or quality of garments do you want?

  • T-shirts?
  • Hoodies?
  • Hats?

Quantity: How many items are you going to want of each style?

We have a minimum order of 24 garments, however with screen printing we are able to split the order between garments that would require the same size of artwork.

Do you have artwork or do you need custom artwork?

We are a team of designers so if there is a need for custom work we are happy to work with you and create artwork for you. 

Due Date for your project: 

This is super important. In a perfect world, your order will be delivered to you early.  If your project is tied to an event it’s best to have your order delivered to you a few days beforehand.


Will this be a recurring order?

In some cases companies need to keep a stock of garments and will have a regular order day, whether monthly, quarterly or yearly.


If you have any questions our pro advisors are ready to chat with you!


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