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Core Features of Our Online Stores


We first establish your companies brand and needs. To keep your website functional we will decide with you what exactly you need from your website and your vision that comes with it.


We then create a timeless website that communicates your company values and needs that not only is efficient but also on brand.

Online Support

Companies change and we are here to help support you make adjustments that are needed over time.

Responsive Design

We will help create a design that not only reflects your companies identity but also can express the convenience of your company values. Clients should be able to arrive on your homepage and know they are at the right place. A consistent brand identity carried onto your website not only adds client assurance, but also a professional touch that sets you from the rest.

Optimized For Speed

An efficient website will be easy to maneuver in a way that effectively informs and assist your client

Contact Page

Sometimes a client will need some extra help. Whether it is information you have chose to with hold from your site or an individual issue. A contact page will help assist your client with an extra personal touch

Company stores are a convenient, cost-effective way to give your employees and customers access to your branded merchandise.

  • Uniform Programs
  • Retail Merchandise Programs
  • Employee Incentive Programs
  • Safety Programs
  • Custom Rewards Programs

Make an Impact with Automatic, Ink.

Automatic, Ink is a nationally recognized custom apparel company located in Vancouver, WA. We proudly source the highest quality t-shirts, hats, and other apparel and have our design team that applies your brand and logo. Since 2017, we have printed and embroidered hundreds of logos on custom apparel to create brand awareness for our clients. Our clients use this apparel as daily employee work wear or as giveaways at events.

This is an easy way for our clients to professionally and continuously communicate their brand. We work with our clients to decide which style t-shirt, hat or polo would serve their audience the best and develop the strategy to distribute these products. Our goal is that our client’s audience views their brand daily through our custom apparel, promoting our client’s brand.

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